Wheel Balancing

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If all four wheels are making inadequate contact with the road, it is possible that the wheels are not balanced. Unbalanced wheels further lead to wearing problems of the tyres. We, at Hucknall Lane Service Centre, are always here to help you in case of unbalanced wheels. We employ accurate and precise wheel balancing Hucknall machines which make sure that all of the wheels push the road equally.

What is wheel balancing?

No two tyres or wheels, even of the same model, have the same weight at the time of purchase. Therefore while installing them onto a vehicle, the weight of each wheel is balanced with the other three. To carry out the process successfully, additional weights are added to the wheels. The procedures collectively are known as wheel balancing.

Why wheel balancing is necessary?

Resistance against uneven wear

No mechanical aid can stop the wearing of a tyre, but wheel balancing can surely help to delay it. In the absence of needed balance among the wheels, tyres will develop bald patches and uneven wear patterns. These non-uniform wear patterns lead to an increased rate of tyre wearing. Therefore, we recommend getting the wheels balanced in order to avoid untimely tyre wearing.

Ride comfort and better handling

When the wheels fall on the road differently, the effects are experienced by the suspension system. The system will have to work double-time to suffice the comfort requirement of a ride. One of the many ways to solve suspension issues is the wheel balancing of the vehicle.

How wheel balancing is done?

As mentioned, weights are added to the individual wheel to counterbalance the other three. There are two ways of adding the weights on the wheels.

Banged on weights

Weights are added onto the wheels by the help of a hammer and some connecting joints. These joints are banged by the hammer to hold the weights tight to the wheels. The only drawback of this method is that the use of a hammer can cause damage to the structure of wheels.

Adhesive weights

In this method, weights are adhered to the structure of the wheels. The adhesive used is of high quality and can easily be removed when required. Adhesive weight technique is recommended over the bang on weights as they cause lesser damage to the wheels.

If you are facing handling issues or have recently installed new rubbers onto your wheels, make sure to get the wheels balanced with us today. The benefits enjoyed with an accurate wheel balancing Nottingham are many. Therefore, we recommend you to visit Hucknall Lane Service Centre now and get experts advice on wheel balancing.

To get the wheel balancing done at our garage you can visit us on Mon to Fri: 08:00 – 17:30 and on Sat: 08:00 – 13:00. You can also email us at hucknalllaneservicecentreltd@gmail.com. Your feedbacks are most welcomed. 

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