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Tyre Manufacturers - Yokohama Tyres

Yokohama tyres is the very definition of premium category, innovative tyres. Designed to perfection, Yokohama Tyres Hucknall can be blindly trusted when it comes to safety, reliability, affordability and stability. To ease your search Hucknall Lane Service Centre Ltd offers a range of ‘performance tyres’ from the renowned brand.

Conceptually speaking, Yokohama’s target group includes family cars, luxury cars, racing cars, SUVs and bikes. The brand segments its offerings in automobile industry, motorsports and merchandising.

Equipment of vehicles with advanced tyre technology to enhance dynamic vehicle control to maximize its safety, speed and performance is Yokohama’s unique selling proposition.

Starting from its humble beginning today Yokohama is an international brand with manufacturing worldwide. Strategic agreements and thoughtful initiatives are the keys to their global business expansion. It is thus, no surprise that it boasts of a very impressive product portfolio in the automobiles sector.

Backed by strong research and development facility, Yokohama has managed to achieve a number of milestones in the use of natural and renewable sources of raw materials. They are pioneers in the utilization of orange oil technology with natural rubber to produce long-lasting, superior quality tyres. With this, they aim to maximize the proportion of non-petroleum materials to 80% or more.

Operating since almost 100 years Yokohama has acquired a renowned reputation as a trust worthy brand operating for almost 100 years. Globally recognized, it produces new generation, unparalleled products based on reviews and recommendations for its valuable end users.

Yokohama’s silent tyre technology is highly sophisticated. Their tyres are engineered with unique tread variations, using 5-pitch variation tread design to avoid noise buildup. Tyres are manufactured adding silica for improved grip on wet roads which helps rubber to stay put. Thus, resulting in lesser wear and tear.

Yokohama is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 company which has undertaken excellent initiatives perceived as eco-friendly. Having marked as the world’s leading tyre manufacturers, Yokohama continues to invest in technologically advanced tyres to ensure only quality products for users of every walk of life.

Additionally, Yokohama Tyres Hucknall merchandise is a big crowd puller and used as an effective way to connect with its customers. Did you know that Yokohama tyres are segregated with easy-to-understand color codes and descriptions to let customers choose only the most suitable product? So, if you want to look out for the latest product offerings of the brand hop online with Hucknall Lane Service Centre Ltd to make your choice.



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