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Being the home-boy of a country where taste matters, Michelin tyres was founded in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Since its establishment, Michelin has evolved dramatically in terms of design and rubber compound. Edouard Michelin was a man dedicated to producing tyres that will perform for longer days on the roads all around the world and lead to the formation of Michelin tyres. We, here at Hucknall Lane Service Centre Ltd, have kept track of the legacy of Michelin tyres Hucknall, and have come to a conclusion that when you want high-quality tyres in the Hucknall, then you should opt for Michelin tyres.

While you are making up your mind to buy Michelin tyres let us help you with the cause, and give you some points on why should you purchase Michelin tyres for your car:

Michelin is a brand that has an experience of more than 130 years now. They are responsible for the safety and performance of more than millions of vehicles on the road. Michelin has a vision that is, “a better way forward,” and that is precisely what they do with their tyres.

Michelin invests highly in the research and development of their tyres, and come up with novel innovation every now and then. They make use of their 7 R&D centres spread in some of the most important developed and developing countries, namely, India, USA, Europe, China, Japan, Thailand, and Brazil. With the help of its facilities, Michelin tyres produce durable tyres with the newest of technologies in the market.

Michelin is undoubtedly at the top of the chain in producing tyres all around the world. Michelin owns more than 14% share of the total tyre manufacturing industry. They have around 69 manufacturing facilities in more than 17 countries. Michelin tyres sold 190 million tyres in over 170 countries of the world in 2017. There are 114,070 employees that are working tirelessly in the facilities of Michelin Tyres.

Customer is the first thing that comes in priority of Michelin tyres, and therefore, they offer excellent customer care services. They believe every customer is essential and hence, take care of everyone that buys tyres from them. It is a part of the humanitarian approach of Michelin tyres.

When you come to us, here at Hucknall Lane Service Centre Ltd, we provide you with a superb range of Michelin tyres that will help you with your driving needs in Hucknall. We make sure that every tyre is in great shape before we sell it to you. You can bring your car to us, and we will get the right set of Michelin tyres Hucknall fitted in your vehicle in no time. If you know your tyres right, you can also buy them online with us.



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