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Puncture is an unwanted hassle that often takes dangerous turns at motorway speed. It can lead a motorist to lose control over the vehicle. It becomes extremely hard to steer a vehicle with a punctured tyre. As a consequence, the vehicle dangles uncontrollably in the middle of the road. Hence, it becomes of utmost importance to get the punctured tyre repaired as soon as possible. We, at Hucknall Lane Service Centre, would like you to relax as we are here to help you. Our experts have years of experience in delivering excellent puncture repair Nottingham services.

What is Puncture?

It is common for a nail or any sharp object to pierce through a tyre while driving on harsh terrains. The hole in the tyre is termed as a puncture. The leak results in the loss of air pressure from the tyre. This loss in the air pressure leads to steering and handling issues.

Punctures can be of two types that are mentioned below:

Slow Leaks

As the name suggests, slow leaks take days to leak out all the air inside a tyre. This puncture type is hard to decipher. Slow leak is a dangerous damage that can easily take bigger turns when left unrepaired for long. Therefore, our experts recommend getting your tyres checked if the frequency of the need to inflate tyres increases dramatically.


Blowout is more dangerous than slow leaks. When the sidewall of a tyre fails to bear the load of the vehicle or a tube is over-inflated, the tyre can give up to such pressure conditions and blow out as a result. The burst is prone to the risk of accidentally crashing into other vehicles on the road. Hence, a motorist should never overload their vehicle. Further to ensure proper road safety, a motorist should replace their tyres as soon as the tyre’s sidewall starts to develop cracks.

As a responsible garage, we don’t repair punctures that don’t comply with the laws laid by the government of the UK.

We don’t repair the tyres in the following conditions:

  • You are using a run-flat tyre

  • The tread depth of your tyre is below 1.6mm

  • The tyre has gone through repairs process in the past

  • The diameter of the hole is 6mm or above

Puncture repair Hucknall is a great way to cut the expense of purchasing new tyres in case of on-road damage. It also maintains a high level of safety and comfort. To enjoy such benefits, don’t forget to reach out to our experts, at Hucknall Lane Service Centre, in case of tyre damage. If you want to know more about the factors that affect the life of your tyres, call us today.

To get the puncture repair done at our garage you can visit us on Mon to Fri: 08:00 – 17:30 and on Sat: 08:00 – 13:00. You can also email us at hucknalllaneservicecentreltd@gmail.com. Your feedbacks are most welcomed. 

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