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It is a known fact that diesel engine produces a large amount of soot particles while burning the fuel. These soot particles adversely affect the various components of the engine. Moreover, these particulate matters clog the pump and the injector mechanism of fuel. The clogging of these components must be cleaned to ensure the proper functioning of engine. Therefore, the experts at Hucknall Lane Service Centre deeply examine the fuel injector and clean it accordingly.

Disadvantages of a clogged injector

A fuel injector is responsible for maintaining the required fuel quantity in the engine. When the injector is clogged by the soot particles, it will lead to a reduced quantity of fuel available for combustion. In the absence of a needed quantity of fuel, the engine will fail to suffice the power requirements of numerous components in a car. Hence, injector reconditioning Nottingham becomes crucial for motorists.

Fuel Injector reconditioning service at Hucknall Lane Service Centre

Our experts don’t compromise when it comes to reconditioning of an injector. We, know the importance of maintaining essential components of the engine. Hence, we follow set procedures mentioned-below professionally:

1. Disassemble the O-rings, filters, and other protective caps present in the injector.

2. Thoroughly clean every component inside-out to ensure no residual soot particles is left

3. The casing is washed by ultrasonic sound waves.

4. Components and casings are sterilised and then persisting moisture is removed.

5. The parts are reassembled and the system is checked for leaks.

6. As for the last test, the flow of the fuel is examined.

The experts at Hucknall Lane Service Centre ensure that the repairs and reconditioning done at our garage have no lingering issues. Don’t forget to give us a call, in case you are looking for injector reconditioning Hucknall. Our technicians have years of experience while delivering reconditioning services.

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