Diesel Pump Reconditioning

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Diesel pump requires regular up-keeping in order to work efficiently. Unlike petrol, diesel produces many particulate matters on combustion. These particles clog the diesel pump and thus leads to various issues like burning of more fuel, reduced engine’s efficiency and performance, etc. At Hucknall Lane Service Centre, we understand the importance of properly working diesel pump. Therefore, we provide an excellent diesel pump reconditioning Hucknall service. 

What is diesel pump reconditioning? 

As mentioned, diesel pump with time gets clogged due to various particulate matters. The clogging will cause the engine to work in the absence of mandatory fuel quantity. Further, this might lead to engine breakdown in the long run. To maintain adequate pumping and quantity of the fuel in engine, the pump is cleaned thoroughly. This process is called reconditioning of the diesel pump. 

What is included in the reconditioning?

  • A complete inspection of the pump and various dependent components for clogging reasons 

  • Repairing of the parts that are failing the pump

  • Replacement of the components that are unrepairable

  • Cleaning of the necessary parts like control unit, O-ring, and other connectors with the help of ultrasonic waves

  • Accurate and precise reassembling of each and every component

  • Final inspection and calibration of all of the parts present in the pump

In case your vehicle is using more fuel than that is needed, don’t wait for the problem to get worse. Drive your vehicle to our garage and leave the rest on us. Our experts make use of highly advanced machines to provide excellent cleaning of the most intricate parts of the pump. Diesel pump reconditioning Nottingham done at our garage is highly appreciated by the vehicle owners around the city.

At Hucknall Lane Service Centre, we also provide affordable new pumps to replace the unrepairable old ones. You can contact us to know more about the reconditioning process and its charges. To meet us soon, book an appointment as per your convenience now. 

To get the reconditioning of pump done at our garage you can visit us on Mon to Fri: 08:00 – 17:30 and on Sat: 08:00 – 13:00. You can also email us at hucknalllaneservicecentreltd@gmail.com. Your feedbacks are most welcomed. 

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