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In every vehicle, there is a certain amount of wear and tear that its parts experience. This wear, if left unchecked, can cause irregular and irreparable damage to vehicle components. The clutch is no exception. It also faces wear and tear which can leave it incapable of handling the task of enabling gear changes. Our specialists, at Hucknall Lane Service Centre, are trained to look out for such damage and initiate proper management.

The clutch plate, in a transmission, faces constant friction. This friction is the cause of wear that can overtime leave it to be useless. When this happens, the ability of the transmission to change gears is compromised, and there is slippage in gear changes. This slippage causes the engine to overwork and can even lead to a complete failure of transmission in the vehicle.

To keep the transmission from developing this problem, our experts recommend getting the clutch plates changed after it has completed sixty thousand miles. Beyond this, the ability of the clutch to perform is compromised.

The following are signs that suggest the clutch plates need to be changed or at least checked:

If you notice that the gears you are switching to are unresponsive or that the transmission seems reluctant to change gears, there may be a problem with the clutch plate. This slippage might be accompanied by stuttering and cluttering noises from the transmission, which too is a sign of a problem in the transmission.

Other than the noises and slippage, there may be excessive vibrations in the clutch pedal or decrease in its performance. Both these problems are a direct result of issues posed by problems in the clutch plate.

These signs could mean damage in the clutch plate. If you do notice them, then remember that it needs to be changed. At Hucknall Lane Service Centre, only the best quality parts are used to ensure that your clutch plates last a long time. We employ highly trained professionals who, in the drop of a hat, can diagnose issues within the transmission and suggest necessary action. They are also trained in the use of latest equipment to fix issues with the transmission of the vehicle.

Our experts recommend timely action in case of any signs of damage to the clutch. They advise this to ensure that problems in the clutch of your vehicle do not lead to any damage to the engine. Whenever there is a problem with the transmission, it will affect the engine. So getting the clutch checked regularly is advisable.

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