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We, at Hucknall Lane Service Centre, understand the importance of keeping a vehicle maintained at its best to ensure a safe driving experience. We know how cumbersome it can be to ensure that every part that is essential for the safety of passengers is working. We, therefore, provide the best brake repair and replacement services for our customers and ensure that they never leave their home unsafe.

How does it get damaged?

With everyday use and exposure to natural elements, the brakes on vehicles are prone to wear and tear. They consist of different components working in tandem with each other. To keep these different components from failing, it is necessary to ensure that they are maintained by top-notch quality inspection. It is also necessary to ensure that only the best quality parts are used for replacement to make sure that the safety aspect of your car is not compromised.

Your Safety is Our Priority

Our team of experts, at Hucknall Lane Service Centre, excel at the repair and replacement of braking systems. Being a family-run garage, we realise the importance of security features that we’d like to check for our family’s safety. We, therefore, know the importance of keeping the brakes of your car in an excellent condition to make sure your family is safe at all times. Therefore, nothing but the best pieces of equipment and the best quality parts are used here. Usage of substandard parts or inefficient work done during a replacement can cause immense damage to the braking system. Thus, it is something that we ensure you’ll never complain to us about. It can also lead to a complete failure of the braking ability of a vehicle. To keep this from happening, we make sure that only high-quality parts are used for your car. Anything below that goes in the bin and out of the garage.

We also employ our years of motor-repairing experience to ensure that none of the issues are left unchecked to wreak havoc later on.

To avoid problems in the braking system, we advise getting the brakes pads of your car changed at every fifty thousand miles or five years, whichever comes first. The brake pads are the main component of the braking system, which are responsible for most of the braking capacity of your car.

We, at Hucknall Lane Service Centre, also recommend that you get the brake pads and brake shoes checked with every maintenance service. This is to ensure there is no uneven wear in parts of the system, and that they are working efficiently.

We, at Hucknall Lane Service Centre, cater to the braking needs of all types of cars. We use our time-tested and experience-hardened mechanics to make sure that everything thing is working just the way it should. After every job, we conduct a rigorous check to ensure that there is no compromise with the braking ability and performance of your car. Bring your car to us for such issues and we’ll make sure that you are not troubled by them again anytime soon.

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