About Us

We, at Hucknall Lane Service Centre, believe in customer satisfaction and impeccable work quality. For us, customer satisfaction comes first. When you choose us, you avail the services of experienced and highly trained technicians hailed as the best in all of Nottingham.

At our facilities, the latest technological tools are used, coupled with the best in town technicians. The technicians we employ undergo regular training programs to ensure that they are well versed with advancements in the industry. Keeping in mind the rapid changes in the automotive industry, these training sessions are held every fortnight. The sessions are conducted by experts specialising in vehicular maintenance.

We know the value of our customer’s hard-earned money. Therefore, you will find that all the repairs and services here are offered at affordable prices. We offer a range of services that help vehicles get back on the road without compromising their safety or reliability.

Repairs made at our garage adhere to the job card prepared and agreed upon by customers. These job cards enlist all the required maintenance and repair work to be performed. They are rectified by the customer before any work starts. This helps ensure transparency and openness in the work we do and keeps misunderstandings at bay.

We also offer MOT services for class 4 and class 7 vehicles. Our experts take extra care while performing the MOT test. We know how difficult it is for customers to get the repairs done after failing an MOT and applying for a retest.

The tests we conduct are adhere to the highest quality standards. No shortcomings are allowed to tamper the final results. All the necessary repairs are pre-approved and discussed with customers beforehand.

We also operate as a store in a real sense. We have a range of tyres that are known for their adherence to the highest quality and safety standards. The tyres manufactured by the renowned brands in the market like Michelin, Bridgestone, and Dunlop are some of the best anyone can offer.

Our tyre experts also provide necessary advice on which tyres will best suit a vehicle. We know that every car is different, and so are the tyre needs. Hence, we provide dedicated tyres for models as per their requirements.

Apart from tyres, we offer necessary services for exhaust, brakes, clutch, and air-con maintenance. You can also visit our facilities, in case you require new batteries Nottingham. If you are facing problems in a vehicle’s performance, you can take it up with our experts for necessary diagnostics and adjustments.

We, Hucknall Lane Service Centre, are open seven days a week providing the best of services in Nottingham. If you are encountering issues with your vehicle, make a phone call and one of our customer care executives will be there to aid you.

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